Cates Corner Farm

A family-farm in Hillsborough, N.C. specializing in sustainable agriculture

Cates Corner Farm, located in Hillsborough N.C., is a small, family-farm specializing in sustainable agriculture. We produce more than 40 varieties of fruits and vegetables and do so naturally using no sprays or pesticides.

We have five acres of vegetable production and one acre of strawberries. Our products can be purchased atĀ Carrboro Farmers’ Market and Weaver Street Market. Some of our crops include a variety of tomatoes, swiss chard, kale, cucumbers, peppers, watermelons, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, blueberries, strawberries, apples, squash, lettuce, shiitake mushrooms, zinnias, and sunflowers.

This year we grew two varieties of strawberries, Sweet Charlie and Camarosa. The last couple of years the weather has not been favorable for strawberries so we have had to downscale our strawberry operation. Unfortunately we will not be open for pick your own, however we will have plenty of pre-picked strawberries at the Carrboro Farmers’ Market.



Please call Farmer Jon and listen to the voice recording at 919.270.2922 if you should have any questions.

Venture around the farm with us in spring, summer and fall. You can find our produce at the Carrboro Farmers Market, Southern Village Farmers Market, Weaver Street Market and at our farm stand here at Cates Corner Farm!